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Τhe slogan 'Go wild 4 (for) Jesus' should not be used by true Christians. Jesus said to His disciples: 'Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves', and if so, how can a sheep go wild?
Δευτέρα, 20 Μαρτίου 2023
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Personal Testimony of Markos Boussios

I was born into a Christian family. Both my parents were sincere and devout believers in God, having accepted Christ as their own personal Savior. Naturally, under such parents, I was taught the word of God and the way of salvation since childhood. We lived at a village in Epirus, called Kato Ravenia. There were no other people of like faith, and we faced intolerance and contempton the part of the community. As a child I often wondered why we ... »

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Victor 19/1/2009
Dear Uncle Markos. I'd like to say publicly here that you are an incredibly decent, kind, loving man, overlooking for the moment your service as a teacher of the Good News. Your kindness, decency, humility, and love are a testament that you bear the true fruit of the Spirit. With Love, Your Nephew Victor.

Bill 2/1/2009
Hello Br.Boussios, Nice website, very informative, I still have some of your preaching cassettes that I listen to from time to time while driving. You've helped me with my Greek more than you know - ha! So sad to see the destruction at the hands of the anarchists. We knew that the modern Greek form of democracy was based on that individual "democracy" - more of Judges 21:25, but now it's become Isaiah 3:4-5,12. America may be next, our in-coming President is a fright to behold. But we live in exciting times, the last days, and I'm encouraged as we see that day drawing near. Let's serve our Lord Jesus Christ with fervor and go out with the shout and praise of victorious soldiers. We appreciate your work and labour for Him all these years. May God bless you richly in 2009. Br.Bailey

John 13/12/2008
To My Beloved Brother in Christ, It was my joy to re-establish contact with you after many years of silence. My heart is warmed by the many years we enjoyed fellowship together as we traveled those ancient shores of Greece. My mind was enriched from our many long and loving theological discussions that always directed us to glorify our Lord. I can say without fear of hypocracy that you sat before me a genuine and surrendered image of servitude to our Lord Jesus Christ. May God be pleased to give us both the required grace and tenacity to march forward until we hear the trumpt call. I love you in our Lord. Bro.John

John 17/7/2008
Hi Markos; I got your e-mail just before we left Colorado for Connecticut and Virginia. We came back for my 60th High School class reunion. Wow, are THEY getting old! I had misplaced your web site address so was going to e-mail you for it and decided to type in your name, and behold, there it was. Sorry I hadn't answered sooner. May God bless you and the church there. We celebrated the 100th anniversary of our church last June. I wrote a history of it and am updating and expanding it. Will send you a copy when it's done. Tell your wife we say hello and greet the church there for us. It was 1982 when I was there in the church and 1984 I believe when we were in your home. Time sure flys. Our web site is not too good and am changing it. But don't have too much help with it. Hope to get it done soon. God bless you all much. John & Shirley Kemper First Baptist Church Lafayette, Colorado USA

Elizabeth 16/7/2008
"Hinson" Curry
Bro. Boussios, I don't know if this is the same person that we knew in Greece. My dad is John Hinson. How's everyone there? Everyone is well here. Let me know if there is an email address to contact you, I'd love to hear who everyones doing.

They asked the Almond-tree...

They asked the almond-tree... «They asked the almond-tree: speak to us about Christ! And she blossomed!» Linneaus, founder of modern ... »

If you are a born-again believer, never compromise with what He does not approve of, but rather stay away from everything that is not His, even though people have named it Christian.
Personal website of Markos Boussios
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