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It has generally been the tendency of noble spirits to seclude themselves in order to practise piety and holiness away from the temptations of the world. But Christianity, as found in its source, the New Testament,, although leaving no doubt as to the need and importance of prayer and meditation in the Christian's life, equally emphasizes the need and importance of his practically living according to its tenets and doctrines within the framework of his every day human relations.
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Send Print Christ and the Present Crisis
Date: 26/2/2009 Time: 23:28

Athens: The fact that every effect has a cause is indisputable. Upon that truth, especially as regards man and his actions, the apostle Paul wrote 2,000 years ago to the Christians in Galatia: whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap (Gal. 6:7). What followed man's fall in Eden was a worldwide ...

Send Print Peter, the Rock and the Keys
Date: 13/12/2008 Time: 14:41

Athens: Peter, the Rock and the Keys By Markos Boussios 1.The Circumstance 2.The Rock and the Roman Catholic Position 3.The Keys and the Great Misunderstanding 4.Conclusion 1.The Circumstance Somewhere in the coasts of Caesarea Philippi, a city about 120 miles north of Jerusalem, Jesus a...

Send Print The Christian and music
Date: 8/10/2008 Time: 11:27

Athens: The Christian and music Man, after the Fall and his consequent expulsion from Paradise, began to experience feelings of guilt, fear, remorse and loneliness. His life became more dramatic after Cain killed his brother Abel, which was the first murder in the history of mankind. We read in Genesis 4:...

Send Print Neapolis(Kavala) and the wild fire
Date: 29/7/2008 Time: 17:10

Kavala: Kavala is a thriving modern Greek city of about 100,000 inhabitants. In the New Testament times it was called Neapolis (ea Polis=New City), and was here that Paul and his companions landed coming from Troas. From here they came to Philippi where God blessed them with a rich harvest of souls, amid s...

Date: 7/7/2008 Time: 15:49
Our children live, unfortunately, in a world that moral values have disappeared or at least, to a large extent, have been twisted. Teachers, ...
Send Print Christ and the environment
Date: 9/6/2008 Time: 22:18

Christ and the environment There is a great deal of talk nowadays about the increasing damage human activities cause to the environment. It's an indisputable fact that man with his modern ways of living inflicts great injuries to his natural home. Voices of protest come from everywhere. Scientists...

Send Print Christ and the MEDIA
Date: 14/3/2008 Time: 9:44

Athens: Christ and the MEDIA Man ever since he formed the first communities had the desire to learn what was happening around him. He also wanted to share his ideas and thoughts with his fellowmen. And within this framework he invented various ways of communication. However, in our day, information...

Send Print The Christian's dress
Date: 21/1/2008 Time: 11:41

Athens: It has become quite an issue. It has divided Christians deeply. Something that should not happen. Why, because Christians have a concrete rule of faith and practice, the Bible, and that rule has the answer on all subjects concerning matters governing our relation with God and our testimony to ...

Send Print Who finds Whom
Date: 21/1/2008 Time: 11:41

Athens: Who finds Whom? I will begin this comment with the following illustration: A Christian man, zealous in witnessing for Christ and showing sinners the way of salvation, asked a young boy if he had found Jesus. The boy looked at him in a puzzled way and answered: "Sir, I didn't know Jesus was lo...

Send Print Who knows Whom
Date: 21/1/2008 Time: 11:38
Who knows Whom? We often hear Christians say: I came to know the Lord, When I came to know the Lord, I wish I had known the Lord ...
Send Print Free indeed
Date: 16/11/2007 Time: 15:55
This woman had been a slave somewhere in Africa. Her owners finally, after a good number of years of slavish service, decided to reward her with the ...
Send Print About monasticism
Date: 31/8/2007 Time: 10:12

Athens: The great German philosopher Immanuel Kant said: "Act only on that maxim whereby thou canst at the same time will that it should become a universal law." That is to say, when we do something we should ask ourselves: "Would it be good if everyone did the same?" Of course there is no rule without ex...

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
Personal website of Markos Boussios
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